The Premise Builder

The Premise Builder is where you create the structure of your story from a single thematic sentence. By making a handful of choices in regards to the structure of your Premise--along with an alignment of Character to Plot--you can ask Subtxt to design for you a story structure that matches the intent of what you want to say with your story.

The Premise Builder in Subtxt consists of two sections. The section on the left is where you make your choices in regards to the intent, or purpose, of your story. The section on the right is where you find feedback from Subtxt based on those choices.

In the upper right, Subtxt adjusts the Premise to match your selections. In the bottom right, Subtxt offers examples of other narratives that come close to matching your choices (similar Narrative Personalities). In this way you can play around with the meaning of your story, and instantly receive feedback on the kind of story structure you will end up if you submit your selections to Subtxt.

If Subtxt tells you 'No examples found' this only means that there are no example stories in the database that match the kind of story you are building with the Premise Builder.

Video: Introducing the Premise Builder

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