Step by Step

Once you've opened up your Default Story Narrative, take a look at how Subtxt has laid out everything for you.

Subtxt works in a top-down, left to right approach. You start at the very top with the Conceptualizing section, and then you work your way down through Conceptualizing to Illustrating to Plotting and finally to Writing.

And within each section and page, you work left to right to capture all you need to fully develop your complete and meaningful story.

This is an overall look at the Step-by-Step approach you want to take when getting started:

  1. Drop down into Throughlines and quickly sketch out something for your Objective Story Throughline (this is your plot).
  2. Head over to Illustrating/Objective Story/Storybeats and open up the first Plot Point (labeled Initial Story Driver). Click the Brainstorming AI button and choose a starting event that best fits your story. If you don't like what you come up with, tap the General Illustration drop-down and choose something else OR tap the Shuffle button and then hit the Brainstorming AI button again. Once you find something you like, add it to the Story Driver by tapping Add.
  3. Now that you know what starts your story, let's define the Goal of your story. While in Illustrating/Objective Story move back to 1.Storypoints and scroll down to the Story Goal. Open it up, and again, tap the Brainstorming AI to find a Story Goal that comes as a result of that first Plot Point. Again, if you don't like what you have, try changing the General Illustration, Shuffle to find something that works, OR even type in something in the Story-specific to modify the General Illustration to fit what you want to do.
  4. Once you have the Goal in place, its time to define who the Protagonist is. Scroll down to the bottom of the Story Goal, tap Add, and then choose Main Character. In Subtxt, the Main Character is not always the Protagonist, but for the sake of this first story, let's go with your typical Hero.
  5. Once added as the Protagonist to your Story Goal, head over to the Players tab (in the Conceptualizing tab), tap on the Main Character and change the name according to your preferences. Then head back over to the Story Goal and try generating a new one. Note how Subtxt has now taken into account the name of your Protagonist and used that to help generate a new and better Story Goal. This is now Subtxt works--by continuing to build up and refine your illustrations you can get closer and closer to a story that works best for you.
  6. Now head back to the Objective Story/Storybeats and scroll all the way down to the bottom to the last Plot Point (labeled Concluding Story Driver). This is where your story will come to a successful conclusion (again, this is the most popular Storyform in Western culture!). Use the Brainstorm AI button to find an ending that sounds great to you and add it to your narrative.
  7. Now before we move on to other Throughlines (the more emotional aspects of your story), scroll through the Storybeats of the Objective Story Throughline and see if you can find other major Plot Points that sound interesting to you. The Plot Points (called Story Drivers) are colored orange and appear where you would expect (at the turn of each major "Act"). Illustrate the Midpoint and the Plot Points between the First and Second Act.
  8. When finished illustrating the major Plot Points, now head all the way back to the Conceptualizing tab (where you first entered your narrative). At the top of the page, right beneath the Title, you should see a new box labeled Plot Summary. Tap the button that says Generate Plot Summary and wait for a response from Subtxt AI. In no time, you should have a nice comprehensive synopsis for your story that works from beginning to end! 🎉

You can now take this synopsis and head off and start writing away OR you can continue to develop your story in Subtxt. Send it off to a friend of yours and get some feedback on whether or not this story sounds good and whether or not you should keep going.

And if you want to keep going, we have you covered.

Let's move on to the Main Character Throughline...

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