Your First Story

Welcome to Subtxt!

Prepare yourself for an entirely new world when it comes to writing lasting and complete stories. Subtxt offers over 32,000 (!) unique and meaninigful narrative structures for you to build your next story. Choosing which structure is right for you is a function of both trial and error mixed with the development and education of the author (you!), but we have a system in place to get you going right away without having to learn a ton of narrative theory.

To make things easier, when you first subscribe Subtxt adds a Default Story Narrative to your account. This narrative is the most popular structure in all of Western culture. Films like The Lion King, Black Panther, Pitch Perfect, and Mad Max: Fury Road all share this familiar collection of thematic concerns. You definitely can't go wrong with this narrative, even if it turns out to be the wrong one in the end.

Think of it this way: working with Subtxt is no different than the trying-and-stumbling writer's block approach you've already done for years. The difference is the time between when you hit and empasse and when you can pick things up back again. Subtxt accelerates the writing and development process such that what used to take you months and maybe years, can be collapsed into an afternoon.

So open up your Default Story Narrative (found under the "My Stories" tab), and let's get started. 😃

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