The Storyform: A Blueprint for Storytelling

There are 75 Storypoints found in a complete Storyform (found at the top of your narrative tabs in Subtxt) and over 32,000 possible unique Storyforms within the current model. 🤯

The Storyform is a holistic blueprint of your story's thematic intent. It contains the message, or argument, of your story and communicates it by virtue of the relationships between Storypoints and the evolution of Storybeats from beginning to end.

A Storyform in Subtxt

Once you build a Storyform, you CANNOT change it. Everything within a Storyform is related to everything else: if you were to change one Storypoint, you would have to adjust them all. If you find yourself halfway through developing a particular narrative and come to the conclusion that you need a different Storyform, you have to build a brand new one and start over. This ensures thematic integrity amongst all the narratives you create in Subtxt.

The Storyform page in Sutxt is divided into three major sections: the Premise, the Storyform, and the Dramatic Argument.

The Premise is the foundation of the story and provides a quick summary of the overall narrative. The Storyform is the heart of the story and outlines the structure and key elements of the narrative.

The Dramatic Argument takes the two Pivotal Elements, which are the intersection of Character and Plot, and separates them into the Main Character and the Obstacle Character. These two characters drive the conflict and tension in the story and their interactions shape the narrative.

By clearly outlining the Premise, Storyform, and Dramatic Argument on the Storyform page, Subtxt helps writers understand and analyze the structure and key elements of their narratives.

Subtxt Muse: Enhance Your Understanding of Complex Storyforms

Subtxt Muse is an advanced feature designed to help writers gain a deep understanding of complex narrative concepts found in a Storyform. With Subtxt Muse, writers will not only grasp these intricate concepts but also uncover the hidden meanings behind their Storyforms, which can transform the way they think about storytelling and amplify their ability to tell complete and meaningful stories.

Understanding the Complex Storyform

The Storyform in Subtxt

The image above showcases the complexity of a Storyform, which is a visual representation of the key narrative concepts that make up a story. These concepts can be challenging to comprehend, especially for new writers or those unfamiliar with the structure. Subtxt Muse is designed to demystify these concepts and provide valuable insight into the underlying structure of your story.

Access the Muse Pop-up Window

Here, you can see the pop-up Muse window that is always accessible while you're developing your story. For Unlimited subscribers, Muse is aware of your Storyform and can help explain everything you need to know about it. This on-demand guidance ensures that you can deepen your understanding of the Storyform without leaving the creative flow of your writing process.

Muse's In-Depth Explanations

In the image above, you can see the end of Muse's explanation, which goes beyond simply explaining the different concepts. Instead, Muse delves into the meaning behind the Storyform, allowing you to understand the essence of your story and how its various elements connect. This interaction will enable you to craft stories that resonate with your audience on a profound level.

By utilizing Subtxt Muse, you'll elevate your storytelling skills, gaining a comprehensive understanding of complex narrative concepts found in a Storyform. This knowledge will empower you to create stories that are not only engaging but also meaningful and complete. Unlock the full potential of your storytelling abilities with Subtxt Muse, exclusively available for Unlimited subscribers.

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