Your Journey into Imagination

Welcome to the "Imagining" section of Subtxt, where you get to lay the groundwork for the meaning of your story.

To aid you in this endeavor and offer a taste of what developing a story in this dynamic way feels like, Subtxt sets you on a step-by-step journey. This expedition carries you from your original Story Idea to a complete Storyform. This process unfolds across four engaging stages:

  • Complete Story
  • Plot & Players
  • Character Arcs
  • Storyform

In every one of these stages, you'll encounter a "Teach Me" Button, proudly sporting a graduation cap icon. This button represents your ticket out of the standstill of lacking ideas and into the thrilling momentum of instant storytelling. Hitting these large gold buttons prompts Subtxt to activate the next stage of your story's development. Once Subtxt has woven its magic, reopening your story will take you directly to the next learning milestone.

The Starting Line

In the world of Subtxt, the "Teach Me" buttons are your trusty guides, sparking new ideas and concepts for your narrative. However, these buttons are strictly confined to the "Imagining" section and won't venture into other pages if you've already entered information there.

This is because the "Teach Me" Buttons exert different influences on the storytelling process across various pages of the app. If you've already sketched out Storypoints or Storybeats in the sections that follow, the "Teach Me" buttons will respectfully stay out of sight.

That being said, if you're in the mood for brainstorming on those pages, you can dive straight into it directly on the specific page. This allows you to focus on the particular elements you want to brainstorm and generate fresh ideas for that section of your story.

Just remember that if you want to engage the "Teach Me" buttons, you'll need to do so in the "Imagining" section, before adding any information elsewhere.

Accessing "Teach Me" Buttons After Inputting Story Information

In Subtxt, if you've already filled in storytelling details in any section where a "Teach Me" button might potentially overwrite that data, the large gold "Teach Me" buttons will tactfully vanish to prevent accidental overwriting. However, you can still summon the "Teach Me" buttons by following these steps:

  1. Scroll back up to the top of the section you're currently navigating.
  2. Spot the three dots button perched in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on the three dots button to reveal a drop-down menu.
  4. Seek out the appropriate "Re-do" button for the stage of "Imagining" you're in. This will be labelled according to the section you're exploring (e.g., "Re-do a Complete Story" is found on the "Complete Story" page, "Re-do MC Arc" is found on the Character Arcs page, etc.).
  5. Click on the "Re-do" button to kick-start the brainstorming process for that section.

Keep in mind that before proceeding, you'll be prompted to confirm that you're willing to overwrite the existing information on the page. This safeguard ensures that you don't accidentally erase any valuable content while accessing the "Re-do" buttons through the drop-down menu.

By following these steps, you can continue to generate new ideas and concepts for your story in various sections of the app without having to worry about losing any pre-existing data. Happy imagining!

Embracing the Art of Learning

In the exciting journey of imagining your story with Subtxt, there might be moments when, after brainstorming ideas to illustrate these concepts, Subtxt might seemingly "refuse" to provide a concrete answer. If this happens, don't be alarmed! This usually occurs when there's an inherent logical issue (a plot hole, perhaps?) or some confusion over character roles and relationships.

When you encounter such instances, see them as golden opportunities to deepen your understanding of how storytelling works. Just like a good teacher challenging a student to think critically, Subtxt nudges you to re-work the Storypoint or Storybeat in question.

Repeating the whole process without addressing the issue might often lead Subtxt to return with a similar roadblock. Why? Because Subtxt is keen on teaching you to create a well-structured and logical story.

Remember, Subtxt is, first and foremost, an educational tool. Its main aim isn't to write your story for you but to mentor you on the nuances of storytelling. The insights it provides are designed to help you understand and master the art of crafting narratives.

So, when you hit a snag, instead of viewing it as an obstacle, see it as a stepping stone towards becoming a better writer. Embrace the learning process, and remember: every great story involves a bit of challenge and lots of growth – just like the journey of its author.

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