Personal Preferences

Welcome, Subtxt subscribers, to your own personalized corner of the storytelling universe! We understand the uniqueness of each storyteller's journey, and to honor that, we've provided you with an opportunity to shape your Subtxt experience in a way that mirrors your unique needs, preferences, and expertise.

Your Personal Preferences page, accessible by clicking on the 'person' icon situated in the upper right-hand corner of your application, is where you get to be the director of your Subtxt journey. Whether you're deeply rooted in narrative theory or just taking your first steps into the enthralling world of storytelling, we have a wide range of settings designed to meet your needs.

Brainstorming AI Factor: The Brainstorming AI Factor setting is tailor-made to influence the type of responses you receive during brainstorming sessions within Subtxt. Adjust the slider to select between 'Most probable' and 'Most possible' options, curating the AI suggestions to your specific tastes.

  • Most probable: If you prefer suggestions that are more grounded in reality and practicality, this is your go-to setting.
  • Most possible: For those who love to defy conventions and explore the realm of all possibilities, no matter how out-of-the-box they might seem, this setting is a perfect match.
It's important to remember that this setting only applies to interactions with the Brainstorming AI feature. Conversations with Muse are designed to be more accurate by default, and this setting will not impact them. Enjoy a seamless brainstorming experience with our AI, perfectly tailored to your preferences!
  • Most probable: If you prefer a more realistic and feasible approach to your brainstorming, this setting might be your best friend.
  • Most possible: If you're someone who loves to explore the unconventional and less travelled paths, this option should give you the creative freedom you're seeking.

AI Maximum Overdrive: This special feature is a treat for our Unlimited Subscribers. Harness the power of the latest GPT-4 technology to maximize the potential of your AI assistant. This is your key to an unparalleled AI experience.

Make Story Continuum Visible: When you're building a story, chances are you'll want the Story Continuum set to Spacetime. This is a common preference, thanks to its prevalence in most narratives. To make things easier, Subtxt defaults to Spacetime anytime you build a story from within the Premise Builder.

On the off chance that you need to set the Continuum to Timespace (perhaps you're crafting a story like 1917 or High Noon), you can flip this switch on. This will temporarily display the Continuum in the Subtxt Settings of the Premise Builder.

You can also type Ctrl + E to toggle the visibility of the Continuum from within the Premise Builder. This setting is primarily for mobile users who don't have access to a keyboard.

Always Show Storyform Details: This one's for our advanced users who are well-versed with the narrative theory concepts used in Subtxt. If you switch this on, the Storyform details will be ever-present, granting you uninterrupted access throughout your story's development.

Make All New Illustrations Private: If you're a storyteller who prefers working on your narratives in solitude, we've got you covered. By turning on this setting, all of your new Illustrations will be set to Private by default, ensuring that they remain your exclusive brainchildren until you decide otherwise. This way, your creative ideas won't be shared with other writers, granting you the liberty to develop your stories at your own pace and in your own private space.

Story-Specific, Old Subtext, and Worldbuilding Visible: In the midst of developing a story and still need access to archived features? This setting is specifically designed for you. With a single click, you can have these old Subtext features and Worldbuilding tools at your disposal, aiding your creative process.

Enjoy the ride as you journey through the world of storytelling, knowing that your personal preferences are always a click away!

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