Subtxt in Production

Writers ask us all the time, "Do you know anyone who has used Subtxt in the development of a feature film or television series? Has anyone sold anything using Subtxt?" And the answer to that question is a resounding "Yes."

Made with Subtxt

  • Eternal Spring - Canada's selection for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars for 2023
  • Neither Confirm, Nor Deny - Blacklist #3 Spec Script 2020
  • Sundown: A Time Capsule Society Mystery - Audible Original Podcast from Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creator, Michael DiMartino
  • Tangled: The Series - Disney animated television series
  • Ask No Questions - award-winning documentary on Chinese state-run media, also from Jason Loftus
  • Some of The Traitor's Blade series of novels from Sebastien de Castell
  • The Spellslinger series of novels from Sebastien de Castell
  • NJ Webfest 2021 Podcast winner Daniel Williams for Outstanding Drama Fiction Podcast and Best Writing in a Fiction Podcast, Uncle Walter's Year of Wonder
  • October Faction - Netlifix series
  • Callaloo - an animated feature film sold to Dreamworks Animation
  • untitled spec script from Third Watch creator & executive producer Ed Bernero
  • untitled spec script from music producer Chef Tone
  • untitled spec television series from executive producer Chris Sonnenburg

Currently in Development

Other projects currently in development using Subtxt:

  • an original RPG videogame from an independent developer
  • two book series from Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creator Mike DiMartino

Again, all of those are in the middle of production so we can’t say much about them--except that Subtxt played an important part.

And yes--Subtxt can be used to develop interactive entertainment as well as documentaries based on real-life events. Anytime a narrative is involved--anytime you're trying to engage an Audience in the telling of a story--Subtxt can make a significant difference in your project.

Secret Projects We Don't Know About

Of course, these are only the films, television series, and novels we know about...once your feature film idea or novel series is sold please let us know so we can add you to the list!

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