Getting Help

Subtxt is an advanced application for bringing narrative structure to storytelling. The complexity and sophistication, while powerful and enlightening, can be difficult for many new to this way of thinking.

If you ever find yourself with a question, don't hesitate to ask! The most efficient way to get help is by directly posing your question to Muse. We've carefully refined the AI behind Muse to guide you at each step of your writing journey.

Direct Human Assistance

If you'd prefer to converse with a human, using the life raft is your best option. Simply tap the life-raft icon in the upper-right hand corner (next to your Profile icon), and then ring the bell to 'Get Help'. We're here to ensure your journey with Subtxt is a smooth one!

After ringing, a window will pop up where you can request assistance (technical or theoretical--whatever you need!).

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