Subtxt Is for Authors

As mentioned in the previous section on the Four Components of a Narrative, the Storypoints and Storybeats of a Storyform are for the Author, not the characters (and certainly not the Audience). This key aspect means that when you run across concepts like the Objective Story Concern or the Obstacle Character Issue, these refer to points in the narrative where the Author identifies what is concerning for everyone and what is an issue of conflict attached to the perspective that challenges the Main Character. While in practice these Storypoints often play out as everyone’s concern or a personal issue for the Obstacle Character, what is correct in all cases is that these items of narrative are for the Author.

Characters are not aware of story structure (the Storyform). Though it often plays out as what everyone is concerned with, the Objective Story Concern is where the Author sees conflict as a concern for everyone.

When illustrating these points in your story, always take the point-of-view of the analyst—or, as someone you’ve asked to read your work and give notes. With this perspective on mind, you guarantee that the work you do in Subtxt remains objective. This approach avoids any of the subjective bias and confusion present in more traditional character/audience viewpoints of story structure.

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