The Premise

Subtxt's Premise is a singular, powerful, and highly specific interpretation of a Storyform. It offers a streamlined and unique way of understanding the core dramatic argument or message the Author seeks to communicate to the audience. In essence, the Premise becomes the heart of your story, embodying the theme and implications of the narrative in a compact and poignant manner.

Understanding the Premise

The Premise is based on a blend of the Main Character and Objective Story, a mix of the subjective and the objective, providing a narrative lens with which to view the Storyform. It is specifically designed to focus on the minimum number of appreciations necessary to define a single, unique Storyform.

The diversity of the Premise within Subtxt is derived from countless combinations of Story Appreciations. These Appreciations can include:

  • Main Character Resolve (Change or Steadfast)
  • Main Character Problem-Solving Style (Linear or Holistic)
  • Main Character Growth (Start or Stop)
  • Story Outcome (Success or Failure)
  • Story Judgment (Good or Bad)

By playing with these appreciations, an author can generate a distinctive Premise, forming a dramatic argument that serves as the backbone of the story.

An Example: Hamilton

Let's take a look at an example using the popular musical "Hamilton." In this case, the Premise might be defined as:

When facing the world, it's important to think things through carefully. If you don't think through the consequences of your decisions, you might end up having someone else write your story - and that could have a bad ending.

This Premise captures a number of Story Appreciations such as the Main Character's resolve (Steadfast), their problem-solving style (Logic), the story outcome (Failure), and the story judgment (Bad).

However, the Premise is highly subjective and can be viewed from numerous angles. For instance, one could also say that the thematic message of Hamilton, seen through the lens of the Issues from each of the Four Throughlines, is:

Unyielding ambition fueled by hope can lead to great achievements, but when it causes us to rush decisions and dismiss caution, it can strain relationships and lead to personal and societal conflict.

Each version of the Premise offers a unique perspective on the Storyform. Some might prefer one over the other, but both contribute to a richer understanding of the narrative's message.

Using Subtxt Muse to Interpret Theme

Subtxt Muse is a powerful tool for exploring and interpreting the theme of your story. One of the unique ways it accomplishes this is by exploring the Issues of each Throughline. A Storyform in Subtxt consists of four Throughlines - the Objective Story, Main Character, Obstacle Character, and Relationship Story. Each Throughline has an associated Issue, a specific Storypoint that is strongly tied to the theme of the narrative.

For example, when we asked Muse to interpret the theme of "Hamilton," it explored the Issue of each Throughline. It takes into account the complexities of these Issues, taking into consideration their implications and influences within each perspective.

The Objective Story Issue might delve into the overarching societal or world problems. The Main Character Issue will focus on the personal struggles and challenges faced by the protagonist. The Obstacle Character Issue explores the tension and conflict brought on by this opposing force. The Relationship Story Issue will examine the growth, strain, or development between characters.

After having Muse illustrate all four Issues separately, you can request it to combine them into a singular, comprehensive understanding of the theme. This approach results in a complex, nuanced interpretation of the Storyform's theme, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the narrative's thematic depth.

For instance, in our exploration of "Hamilton," combining the interpretations of the four Issues yielded:

Unyielding ambition fueled by hope can lead to great achievements, but when it causes us to rush decisions and dismiss caution, it can strain relationships and lead to personal and societal conflict.

This is a richer, multifaceted interpretation of the theme, providing a unique perspective on the Storyform. Using Subtxt Muse in this way, you can gain an intricate understanding of your story's theme, and incorporate it into your narrative with precision and depth.

Customizing the Premise

There are infinite ways to interpret a Storyform. However, it is important to remember that Subtxt is a tool to help inspire and stimulate story understanding and discussion. The Premise, as it stands, might seem awkward to some, but its aim is to prompt further thought and contemplation.

If you have a specific interpretation or perspective on the Storyform, Subtxt allows you to personalize the Premise. Simply find your take on the message of the Storyform, and copy-paste it into the Premise box located in the Storyform section of your story. This way, you can tailor the Premise to fit your narrative vision, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the story you aim to tell.

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