Working with Storytelling

In Subtxt, a crucial distinction is made between the narrative structure, referred to as the Storyform, and the presentation of that structure, known as Storytelling. While the structural components of Storypoints and Storybeats are fixed, Storytelling is where the artist has the creative freedom to "illustrate" how they wish to portray the elements of a Storyform in their story. The Storytelling section can be found in every component within Subtxt, housed within a text box labeled "Storytelling."

The Storytelling box has a character count limit, which determines the maximum amount of text that will be included in AI requests or utilized in other components referring to the current one within the application. Writers are allowed to exceed this limit, with a visual indicator appearing in the bottom right-hand corner of the box as the limit is approached and turning red once it is surpassed. However, it is essential to understand that only the Storytelling content fitting within the limit will be incorporated in AI responses within the component and in other components that reference the one in question. The Storytelling limit does not impact the content displayed later in the Plotting or Writing sections.

Brainstorming AI

The chief interaction between Storytelling and Subtxt's AI system occurs through the Brainstorming AI feature, located just below the Storytelling box. This powerful tool assists users in generating and refining their Storytelling ideas.

The first time you encounter the Brainstorming AI button in Subtxt will be on the first page in the Conceptualizing section. Beneath the Story Idea box, you will find a small electronic brain icon. Tapping on this icon will open up an entry box with the instructions to "brainstorm some ideas."

Here, you can jot down any ideas or keywords related to your story idea. Afterward, tap the brain icon again to have Subtxt AI generate new Storytelling that incorporates your ideas. Once the AI-generated content arrives, review it and, if you like it, tap "Add" or "Replace" to insert the new Storytelling into the Storytelling box.

Feel free to add more ideas by jotting down new concepts and tapping the buttons again, even if the new ideas are unrelated to the previous ones. Once you have added several ideas, you can choose to merge them all into one cohesive Storytelling by clicking the "Merge" button that will appear below the Storytelling box.

If you find yourself without any ideas for the Story Idea or any of the Storybeats or Storypoints that arise during the development process, you can still tap on the brain icon and have Subtxt generate some Storytelling from scratch. This approach provides the greatest amount of flexibility in blending your own narrative instincts with the capabilities of a powerful AI system, allowing you to modify and enhance your Storytelling as needed.

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