Muse Personas

Muse Personas is a feature in Subtxt that allows users to customize their interactions with Muse, creating a personalized experience that aligns with their specific needs and preferences. Drawing inspiration from Custom Instructions in ChatGPT, Muse Personas provide a flexible and innovative tool for writers. Here's how it works.

Core Persona: Available to All

Subtxt Muse: Core Persona

With the Core Persona, every Subtxt user, regardless of their plan, gains access to a world of personalized interactions. Find it in Profile Preferences under Muse Personas, where you'll see a toggle to activate and deactivate it. Once activated, you'll discover a button marked "Mind" to "adapt" the Mind of Muse, aligning it with your unique instructions.

Quantum Subscribers: Welcome to Your Virtual Writer's Room

Selecting Multiple Personas

Quantum subscribers can create virtual "minds" that carry their own unique talents. To add a Persona, click on the Muse Personas page in your Profile Preferences. Fill out the Name, Description, Personality, and Instructions to customize your virtual writer's room.

Storytelling-Focused Persona

A unique feature is the toggle labeled "Focused on Storytelling." Flip this on to get pure storytelling responses.

A Storytelling-Focused Persona

While the Storytelling-focused Personas offer a new dimension, Muse is not trained on other screenplays or various styles of writing. They are tools to guide and inspire, but your unique voice and creativity remain the heart of your storytelling journey.


Muse Personas in Subtxt represents an innovative approach to personalizing your writing process. By providing the Core Persona for all users and multiple Personas for Quantum subscribers, this feature extends the functionality and adaptability of Subtxt. It encourages exploration and creativity while retaining the structural integrity that Muse is known for. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned writer, Muse Personas offer valuable tools to enhance and refine your storytelling experience.

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