Subtxt AI: The Ultimate Teacher

Subtxt is not just a text-generation tool for writers.

With the introduction of GPT-3, the world's leading natural language system, Subtxt becomes more than a fantastic collaborator and writing partner. With the addition of this cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Subtxt also becomes a wonderful teacher.

While the results in the Storybeats of your story are meant to be imaginative and creative, the generations found in the Storypoints, and within the Subtext sections of both Storybeats and Storypoints, are meant to educate and enlighten you on how stories work.

And more importantly, why they work.

If you've ever wanted to write stories, whether they be comic books, novels, screenplays, television series, plays, or epic games, Subtxt and Subtxt AI is the perfect place to learn it all.

The DNA of Story Structure

Subtxt AI is denoted by a "DNA" icon.

Any time you see this icon present in the app, know that the underlying atomic structure of your current story is but a tap away.

Brainstorming with AI

In addition, Subtxt offers a second mode of interacting with the AI component: a Brainstorming AI button.

Any time you see this icon, know that tapping it will ask Subtxt's AI to brainstorm ideas for you, ideas more geared towards Storytelling, rather than Subtext.

You can think of the difference between the two as the Brainstorming AI being the lively, widely imaginative writer in the room, and the Subtxt AI as the more structurally-minded writer. The combination of both, in combination with your choices, seeks to provide the best of both worlds.

Insight into Players, Storypoints, Storybeats

The current edition of Subtxt unlocks artificial intelligence across these areas:

  • Player Motivations
  • Storypoint Subtext Generation (Domains, Concerns, Problems, and Solutions of all Four Throughlines)
  • Transits and Progressions for all Four Throughlines (both Storytelling and Subtext - these are different. Subtext is only generated from Storytelling, so do the former first)
  • Storypoints for Goal and Consequence, and the Story Outcome
  • Premise Builder You and I Argument, based on the Two Elements you choose in the Positions box (with the MC reflected by the MC assignment).

As in real life, the more you bring to the table the better response you will get from the AI. While you could push-button your way to a complete story, the more you modify the results to reflect your personal insights and experience the better the end product will be.

Summaries and Storytelling Tools

In addition to unlocking deep narrative structure, Subtxt AI can also help you both summarize and synopsize the various parts of your current work:

  • Title Generation (you need to have significant information in your story for it to appear
  • Logline Generation (same req. as above)
  • Headlines for Storybeats (once you have a certain amount of storytelling, the Summary button (looks like a target) will appear and you'll be able to title them)
  • Merge Storytelling in Storybeats (if you have a couple different ideas in the Storytelling box, click Merge to bring them all together into one idea. Makes working with other Storybeats much more productive)
  • Continue Storytelling in Storybeats (if you like the direction things are going in the Storytelling, but want to see it continue, tap this and Subtxt will keep writing your story for you based on what is in the Storytelling)
  • Moment Titles in Plotting (when you have at least one Storybeat in there with Storytelling, clicking on the Moment button will generate a title for that Moment for you)
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