As mentioned before, the Writing section is all about getting out of Subtxt as quickly as possible. In the spirit of haste and productivity, Subtxt offers all the downloads in one place:

Downloads Available in Subtxt

Complete Story: Working online and saving to the cloud can sometimes leave a writer wondering where all their hard work truly exists. For those who prefer the piece of mind of having a locally-saved copy of their story file, or for those who like to "version" or backup their work, you can Download Your Complete Story in the Writing section of Subtxt.

Throughline Synopses: This download is great for getting an overall idea of each Throughline, with an emphasis on the Storypoints. It combines the Synopses of each Throughline into a single thematic document.

Plot Summary: This is the same report located under the Basic Plot tab. It is offered here as well for convenience. Take this one with you when you want to get started knowing how your story begins and ends.

One-Page Synopsis: Need to quickly send off a one-page synopsis to your agent or writing partner? This download takes the Logline from the Conceptualizing tab (the one that combines all four Throughlines Synopses) and presents it in a condensed format--perfect for those who don't have a lot of time to read all your precious work!

Simply choose your preferred format for Download (Markdown, Fountain, or Scrivener) and Subtxt delivers the appropriate file with all the information you've entered into the application.

Note that the Complete Story Download is not for downloading the complete Storyform and all its thematic material. The only information that is sent are those Storypoints, Storybeats, and Players where you contributed or added to that particular element.
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