Leaving Subtxt

The very last step in developing a story with Subtxt is less about the development, and more about the fun part: the writing. Subtxt is designed from top to bottom to get you into story structure and then out as soon as possible. The longer you stay in the trap of overthinking, plotting, and planning the more distance you put between your work and making that work a reality.

This last step of Writing offers you several different ways of looking at all the work you've done with an emphasis on the Storytelling over the Subtext.

Worldbuilding is where you can imagine the various people, places, and things that populate your story's world. In future versions, you'll be able to call upon collections of Worldbuilding (both public and private) for use in all your work.

Basic Plot is a quick basic outline of the Objective Story Throughline, including the five Story Drivers. Use this to understand the plot of your story at the most basic level.

Treatment is where all the work put into Plotting pays off. Removing all the structural aspects of your Storybeats, the Treatment is what you will take with you into your favorite writing program. Review your Storytelling, make any last minute adjustments, and then download your treatment for use elsewhere.

Downloads is a grab-bag of various reports that you can download, including a Download Complete option where you can quickly receive all your work for local storage.

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