Basic Plot

The remaining features in the Writing section have everything to do with getting out of Subtxt. The first available download is the Basic Plot Outline. This report is the perfect starting place for anyone new to Subtxt. In fact, the end product of our AI-Powered Storytelling Cohort is this report--fully filled out and fully operational when it comes to writing.

The Basic Plot Download in Subtxt

As with all the reports and downloads in the Writing section of Subtxt, you will find a complete lack of story structure and deep subtextual references. It is very very important that you get to a place where you can step away from Subtxt and no longer think of story structure...this report is that first step.

The Basic Plot Summary brings together the five Story Drivers with all the Transits of the Objective Story Throughline. The result? An objective understanding of your story's "plot"--sans the subjective emotional baggage found in the other three Throughlines.

This download is perfect for getting an overall idea of how your story will unfold over time.

While you can adjust the Storytelling directly here in the Basic Plot (and it will be reflected back in the Storybeats), you cannot change the order and you cannot reference any specific structural items (Trust us, you don't want to!).

Downloads in Subtxt come in three different flavors:

  • Markdown
  • Fountain
  • Scrivener

Markdown is for most text-based applications (like iA Writer, Quip, or Pages).

Fountain is a specific version of Markdown strictly for screenplays (for use in apps like Highland or Slugline).

Scrivener is popular among novelists and has a ton of organizational features.

Choose the one best suited for you, and tap the button. In moments, Subtxt will deliver to your computer a text-centric outline perfect for you to start writing from.

The Basic Plot Summary in Highland

Highland is a fantastic application for writing screenplays and treatments. The Basic Plot Summary is designed to look great within Highland (if you download the Fountain version).

Basic Plot Summary in Highland

When you switch to Preview mode, you'll see how great everything looks when it comes time to "print" your report:

Basic Plot Summary in Highland's Preview Mode

If you would like to include the Synopses with your Basic Plot Summary (the Header Titles in Storybeats and Story Dynamics), make sure you check the Synopses checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

Basic Plot Summary in Highland with Synopses

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