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Hey there! 👋 I'd love to introduce you to Subtxt, a unique platform designed to nurture your storytelling and amplify your creative writing process. It's not an auto-story generator; rather, think of it as a seasoned mentor guiding you on the artful journey of crafting a fully rounded story.

Now, the fun part about Subtxt is it doesn't make your writing process easier. Sounds strange, right? But there's a reason. Instead, it challenges you, making you dig deeper into the 'whys' and 'whats' of your writing. What's the message you're trying to convey? Why is this story important to you? Trust me, this thoughtful introspection makes the writing even more rewarding.

Subtxt beautifully marries your innate creativity with a predictive narrative framework. This brilliant union not only makes the story development cycle more delightful but also more holistic.

And, the only thing that Subtxt "generates" is a rich and meaningful outline. This outline is your golden ticket to hop into your preferred writing software and let your words dance across the screen, painting your story.

The true goal of Subtxt? To challenge you. It pushes you to delve deeply into your story from the get-go, helping you understand the roadmap of your narrative before you even start the journey. This thoughtful process equips you with a clear direction and the foresight to navigate the intricacies of your plot, ensuring you're prepared for the writing adventure that lies ahead.

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