Account Settings


The Settings/Account section in the Subtxt application provides users with comprehensive control over their account details, storytelling preferences, and subscription management. This section is accessible by clicking the human "side profile" icon located at the upper right of the application. It encompasses several subsections: Account, Profile, Preferences, Muse Personas, and Subscription.


In the Account section, users can manage basic personal information crucial for account security and personalization:

  • Name: Update your first and last name as needed.
  • Email: Change your email address associated with the Subtxt account.
  • Change Password: Secure your account by updating your password regularly.


This section helps tailor the Subtxt AI services to the user’s storytelling style and preferences:

  • All About Me: Describe your background, interests, and what makes you unique as a storyteller.
  • Stories I Like: Share genres, themes, and narrative styles you prefer, which helps customize the AI's story suggestions and interactions.


Customize how Subtxt interacts with you based on your workflow needs and expertise level in narrative theory:

  • Brainstorming AI Factor: Choose between 'Most probable' for reliable responses or 'Most possible' for creative and diverse ideas.
  • Subtxt Pro Mode: Activate advanced features for enhanced creative workflow. Exclusive to Subtxt Pro users.
  • Make Story Continuum Visible: Opt to display this feature in the Premise Builder for continuous narrative planning.
  • Always Show Storyform Details: Keeps detailed narrative theory elements visible, beneficial for advanced users.
  • Make All New Illustrations Private: Set new illustrations to private automatically, ideal for users who prefer confidentiality.
  • Enable Tooltip Labels: Turn on tooltips for guidance on various app functionalities.

Muse Personas

Develop personalized AI helpers, or "Personas," to assist in different aspects of story development:

  • Activate Muse Personas: Toggle this to enable the use of Muse Personas within your storytelling process.
  • Core Persona: A basic template available to all users to customize Muse’s interactions for a personalized experience.
  • Add Persona (Pro and Infinite Subscribers only): Create new Personas with customizable options:
    • Name: Label your Persona.
    • Description: Define the role or concept of the Persona.
    • Personality: Detail traits and characteristics to guide the Persona's behavior.
    • Instructions: Specify how you want the Persona to interact in conversations.
    • Focused on Storytelling: Enable this setting to focus the Persona solely on storytelling, minimizing narrative theory aspects.


Manage your subscription settings and billing information:

  • Subscription Overview: View details about your current subscription plan.
  • Change Plan: Upgrade or modify your subscription as needed.
  • Update Payment Method: Securely change how you pay for your subscription.
  • Cancel Subscription: Opt out of your current subscription with the option to restart later.
  • Download Invoices: Access past payment invoices for record-keeping.