Subtxt Muse


Subtxt Muse is a powerful feature designed to assist writers by leveraging decades of narrative theory and cutting-edge AI technology. Muse helps you develop and refine your stories with insightful suggestions and guidance based on extensive narrative knowledge.

Muse Modes

Subtxt Muse currently offers two modes, with more planned for future updates. To switch modes, simply tap "Modes" and then select the Muse you want to write with:

  1. Muse
    Indicated by three sparkles, this is the default, generic Muse mode. It has access to all the features and knowledge available in Subtxt, making it a comprehensive tool for story development.

  2. Muse: Theory
    This mode is represented by a graduation cap icon. When enabled, Muse: Theory focuses exclusively on the vast collection of articles, analyses, podcasts, classes, and teachings related to objective narrative theory accumulated over the last three decades. It utilizes this rich resource to provide insights strictly based on theoretical knowledge.


When Muse: Theory is set, it will not have context about the specific story you are working on or any other projects you have. It solely concentrates on objective narrative theory, making it an excellent tool for learning and understanding narrative principles. However, if you wish to develop your story using the insights gained from Muse: Theory, you should switch back to the default Muse mode to ensure it considers your story context.

Muse Modes and Subtxt Pro

Subtxt Pro users enjoy an additional benefit: Muse will automatically switch modes in the background as needed. This seamless transition ensures you get the most out of both Muse and Muse: Theory without manual intervention, enhancing your overall experience and productivity.