Getting Started

Narrative Agents

Narrative Agents are your introduction to everything Subtxt. You submit a basic story idea, and Subtxt's expert AI agents get to work building out a comprehensive story outline.

You access your first agent by selecting the box to the left.

Enter your story idea into the box provided and select Generate a Complete Story. Alternatively, you can select Generate a Random Story Idea and Subtxt AI will provide an idea based on its comprehensive list of narrative structures.

Generating a Complete Story warms up the servers and sends out the instructions for Subtxt's Narrative Agents. You can watch as these Agents build out your story step-by-step.

When completed, you'll be taken to your story's development screen and the Complete Story section. Check the Agent's work and make sure the story connects with you and reflects what you originally had in mind.

The Narrative Agents broke your story down into the Four Throughlines of a complete story. They then blended those Four Throughlines together to give you the Complete Story synopsis at the top of the screen.

This is how Subtxt works: all the meaningful and thematic material rests at the bottom of the screen, beneath the surface of your storytelling--which exists at the very top of the screen.

Check each Throughline and make sure you like what the Agents came up with. If you disagree, or want to try something different, alter the Storytelling in the Throughline and then scroll up to the top, and re-blend the Four Throughlines.

When happy with the results, move on to the next step and generate the Plot & Players. This process repeats until you end up with a detailed and comprehensive Story Treatment.

Video Walkthroughs

Introduction to Narrative Agents

Plot & Players