Getting Started

Subtxt Muse

Subtxt Muse is your always-on, always super-intelligent AI story development chatbot. Trained on over 30 years of theoretical and practical experience, Subtxt is the last word when it comes to the age-old excuse of writer's block.

To access Muse, simply select the box to the right.

Once open, feel free to speak to Muse as if you were communicating with your writing partner, or as a member of your writer's group. Muse understands story structure like no one else you've ever encountered--and that's because Muse works by understanding what you're asking for first, before then doling out the wisdom.

You can start with a story idea. You can start with theme. You can paste in the first Act of your story so far. You can ask it to compare story theories, and you can ask it about your favorite movie or television series.

Anything to do with story and story structure is fair game.

And Muse has infinite patience, so feel free to ask and talk about whatever you want when it comes to developing your story. The more comfortable you get working with Muse, the better responses and insight you will find.

Subtxt Mini-Muse

You will also find a mini-Muse available to you throughout the entire app by selecting the Muse icon in the bottom right of the application.

This version of Muse is fully-featured, just like the standalone Muse. When opened while developing a story, this "pop-up" version of Muse will have detailed insight into the specific story you are working on at that time.

There really is no limit when working with Muse.

Examples of What You Can Develop with Muse

Re-write A Christmas Carol to fix the order of the Ghosts:

Take the structure of Home Alone, and create something new:

Write for fun and profit:

Fix problematic television series:

Find out how Subtxt was used to create a series on a streaming service:

Get in deep when it comes to narrative structure:

Learn more about your favorite films (and why they're so great!):

Ask Muse for links to comprehensive articles on narrative theory (Muse has been trained on decades of in-depth articles from Narrative First):

Ask Muse to find several deep-dive articles about a specific topic:

Write short stories:

Write fan fiction:

Find similarities of narrative structure across multiple genres of films:

You can even use Muse's narrative intelligence and knowledge of story structure to write copy for your next app:

The list of possibilities goes on and on and on.

You can even turn off all the story development and story structure knowledge, by using Subtxt Muse Personas. A feature reserved for Quantum-tier subscribers, Muse Personas allow you to customize Muse to be more than just a story-structure guru, but a confident writing partner, sounding-board, critic, or pretty much anything else you can dream up.

Subtxt Muse Personas

All subscribers to Subtxt have access to the singular Core Persona. Located in Settings/Muse Personas, writers can modify their work with Muse by writing custom instructions.

Quantum subscribers can add multiple Muse Personas by selecting Add Persona. You give your Persona a name, a description (which will show up later in a dropdown menu), an overall personality, and then specific instructions.

In addition, you may set the Persona to Storytelling Only. Switching this on for a Persona will instruct Muse to bypass all of the deep narrative structure and training that gives Muse its story structure genius. Storytelling-Only Personas are great for brainstormers and for creating a virtual "writer's room" of multiple personalities. One Persona could be great at comedy, another at drama, and another is just there for laughs.

As with anything to do with Muse, your imagination and intuition leads the way.

By focusing your Muse Persona on specific storytelling tasks, you can quickly come up with a handful of new ideas to keep you in the flow.

You can also use Storytelling-Only Personas to help write the first draft of your next screenplay. We suggest writing in the Fountain format (a screenplay-version of Markdown) and only doing a few scenes at a time.

After creating finalizing the details, simply copy-and-paste in sequences or moments from your Subtxt Treatment, and your Persona will do the rest.

Working with Custom Muse Personas is great for when you're locked out of alternate LLM applications, or find you can't be as creative as you would like in other apps. Storytelling-only Muses bypass a lot of the alignment issues present in other more general applications (i.e., your imagination won't feel hampered by "feel good" happy endings).