Narrative Agents

The Narrative Agents Progress Bar


The Narrative Agent Progress Bar in Subtxt is a visual guide that helps you track your progress through the seven essential steps of creating a story.

Each step involves completing specific tasks within Subtxt. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each step:

Step 1: Four Throughlines

  • Objective: Illustrate all Four Throughlines.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Illustrate the Four Throughlines: Objective Story, Main Character, Influence Character, and Relationship Story.
    • Blend the above into a synopsis of "Your Complete Story"
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once all four throughlines are illustrated.

Step 2: Plot and Players

  • Objective: Define the core plot elements and characters.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Initial Story Driver
    • Story Goal
    • Concluding Story Driver
    • Blend the above into a synopsis of "Your Story's Basic Plot"
    • Set of Objective Story Players (Protagonist and Antagonist)
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once all elements are defined.

Step 3: Character Arcs

  • Objective: Define the character arcs for the Main and Obstacle characters.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Main Character:
      • Beginning Problem/Source of Drive
      • Solution/Evolution (Changed/Steadfast)
    • Obstacle Character:
      • Corresponding Methods at the beginning and end of the story
    • Blend both sets into synopses of "Character Arc" for each primary character.
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once all character arcs are defined.

Step 4: Storyform

  • Objective: Finalize the Storyform by defining the core argument.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Fill out the Argument section (Premise) at the top of the screen:
      • Character Premise Element
      • Plot Premise Element
    • Complete the Main Character and Obstacle Character Pivotal Elements.
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once the story form and argument are complete.

Step 5: Storybeats

  • Objective: Complete the illustration of 16 Storybeats.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Complete the Four Throughlines (Objective Story, Main Character, Obstacle Character, Relationship Story) across four Transits each.
    • Either manually complete all Storybeats or use Subtxt’s Narrative Agents to generate them.
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once all story beats are illustrated.

Step 6: Moments

  • Objective: Weave Storybeats into significant Key Moments.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Combine all Storybeats into the Plotting section divided into four Acts.
    • Either manually weave the key Moments or use Subtxt’s Narrative Agents to automate this process.
  • Indicator: Green checkmark once all plot moments are woven.

Step 7: Treatment

  • Objective: Finalize and download the treatment of your story.
  • Completion Criteria:
    • Download the treatment once all previous steps are completed.
  • Indicator: Green checkmark indicating the story is ready for download.

Completing the Narrative Agent Progress Bar in Subtxt ensures that you methodically and comprehensively develop your story from initial concept to final treatment. Each step is designed to guide you through the critical aspects of storytelling, ensuring that your narrative is well-rounded and cohesive. By following these steps and utilizing the powerful tools within Subtxt, you can confidently create a compelling and structured story.